If you have ever dreamed of taking a journey back in time, a tour of Maramures and Bucovina offers you a unique chance to do so. Maramures and Bucovina are well known all over the world for their strong Romanian traditions – mostly in the rural areas – and the accomplishments of their folk artists and crafstmen. Masters in woodcarving, weaving, pottery and painting icons on wood or glass, preserve customs related to the most important events in a person’s life and the major holidays throughout the year.

Guests are welcomed with open arms in this beautiful land, by people fiercely proud of their history and traditions.

poza5Our journey to Maramures will include the most famous wooden churches listed on the UNESCO world heritage patrimony, the former communist prison in Sighet, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, several master craftsmen’s workshops, superb culinary experiences and the very best of traditional rural life.


The painted monasteries with their vivid frescoes are the major attraction of Bucovina. The impressive number of churches to be found here, with their fine exterior and interior frescoes, have been preserved and handed down from medieval times. Because of their uniqueness and artistic value they were added to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List in 1993.



You can choose a standard tour of these two regions or you can ask for a tailor made tour, according to your preferences.

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