Marius Laabs & Andrea Knoll – Germany

February 2017

“We spent a very nice weekend with Cornelia. We’ve been to the most
important and interesting places in Maramures. And even with very bad
weather, we had such a nice tour, because of our guide. We’ve got to
know many insights about Maramures and Romania in general. Definitely my
recommendation to book her!”

Seth Seymour & Keith DeLong –  Ohio, USA

September 2016

We spent five days in Maramures with Cornelia, and she made our time there an experience we’ll never forget. Our goal was to explore the countryside and interact with the locals. With Cornelia’s help, we not only met the people of this region but we were able to immerse ourselves into their daily lives. This intimate look into their traditional way of life wouldn’t have been possible without Cornelia, as she opened doors that we never would have been able to open as English-speaking travelers. Every person in Maramures has a rich story to tell, and thanks to Cornelia, we were able to hear the stories of so many. We’ve been around the world, and Maramures is now one of our favorite destinations. I credit Cornelia with that. If you’re looking for a guide who knows the area and can give you a one-of-a-kind experience, Cornelia is your person. We’ll definitely visit the area again, and without a doubt, I’ll ask Cornelia to be our guide.

John & Jill Gilbert – New York, USA

September 2016

We had a wonderful trip with your guidance.  Quite frankly, in retrospect, we just could not have done the trip anywhere so well without your help and input.  It was a glorious couple of days, and we came away with much greater knowledge and appreciation of everything Romania has to offer as a result of your guiding abilities.  Many thanks!

We look forward to our return!

Jill & John Gilbert

Cristian &Mihaela Tingire – New Jersey, USA

July 2016

My wife and I asked Cornelia for a 3-day tour of Maramures.  She has put together a package containing everything we were looking for, plus an objective that we did not think about, but enjoyed visiting.  We got to see and learn a lot about the area from a knowledgeable, personable and flexible guide.  The hotel/hostel arrangements throughout the county were also good.  We strongly recommend her to anybody interested in visiting Maramures!

Thanks for making our vacation there a great experience!

Cristi&Mihaela, NJ, USA

Harry & Mariana Iosub – Israel

June 2016

Thanks to Cornelia’s talent and very nice personality, we had an unforgettable trip in Maramures this year.

We are a couple of two and it was our first time in this part of Romania. The tour encompassed a broad and diverse range of both iconic and off-the-beaten-track objectives, including’ but not only, wooden churches/monasteries, memorial museum and houses, tracks in the mountains, and a very enjoyable journey with the well-known “Mocanitza” train.

Cornelia is not only an excellent guide, with an extensive and deep knowledge in all the areas, she knows very well how to plan and combine the travel objectives in a manner which makes the tour very enjoyable, instructive and (yes) relaxing.

The objectives chosen to be visited every day were very well balanced such as, even if the day was long and full of activities, we’ve never felt tired but very pleased by everything we achieved.

Cornelia is a very amenable person and fully dedicated to make the tour a real experience for the people she guides.

We’ve got not only thorough explanations and details, but also a flavor of many other areas, from tradition to politics, economy, culture, etc.

Thank you, Cornelia!

Hulya Inci & Banu Özümerzifon – Istanbul, Turkey

June 2016

The trip in Maramuresh and Bucovina regions we realized with you was just great. You did your very best.
Your kind personality added a lot to our memories. Hope to meet you again in the coming year.
Wishing you all the best.

I just wanted to thank you for making my 8 days in Romania a most memırable memory.. Your dedication for your work, your seeing us not as customers but as guests and trying to support us with any request was simply anazing. And when I add the beauty of your country, it was very easy to fall in love with your beautiful country..

Thank you so much for everything,


Gabriela Bedoya & Claudio German Guerra – Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 2016

The place where I found exactly what I was looking for and… much more!

It has been  almost a month since we arrived  from one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to: Romania. We´d been planning  this journey for two years and we enjoyed it immensely. But It couldn’t have been so good without our marvelous tour guide, Cornelia. Apart from being kind, funny, charming, humorous, she understood exactly what we were looking for and prepared a trip according to our expectations. Together we visited the incredible Sapanta Merry Cemetery with their colourful tombstones, the beautiful orthodox wooden churches from Maramures and that amazing painted monasteries in Bucovina. We must not forget to mention our memorable stay at Pensiunea Marioara, one of the most enchanting places we´d been to. Mariora cooks the best homemade food we´d eaten all over Europe! We will never forget your meals, Marioara!!

We want to thank Cornelia once again for being so nice with us and we wait for you  in Argentina whenever you want!!

Big hug!

Claudio and Gaby

Deb Cramer. Patricia Martin – USA
November 2015

“We were a tour of two, with our Maremures guide, Cornelia. Our two day
tour enabled us to see much of the countryside, authentic village life
and of course the wooden churches snd painted monasteries we had
identified as special interest. It was wonderful to eat in village
homes, simple, nourishing food, (very delicious!) prepared with
ingredients sourced at the very local level. Cornelia gave us a history
of the area,  talked about life today and pre-post communist era and
answered our many questions She was an informative guide, friendly and
relaxed. Although we had quite a bit of driving, the pace was unhurried,
due to careful planning of each day. We loved our time in Maremures and
there’s definitely a desire to return. We acknowledge the time and
thoughtfulness Cornelia took to prepare our itinerary and the care she
took to ensure our tour was special for each one of us!”

Chris McAllister – Sweden
September 2015

“Cornelia is a professional guide in every sense. She is committed,
talented, knowledgeable and efficient. She shows steadiness in tough

situations but also flexibility when planning the programme. She is
resourceful and reliable and knows the history, culture and people
of her land. Over and above that she is a loving and inquisitive person,
always ready to laugh and joke and share in any interest showed by
her guests. In no time at all she is a friend. I cannot recommend her
highly enough.

Ali Iliff, Tucson, Arizona, USA
August-September 2015

“Two friends and I visited Romania in late August/early September 2015.
The highlight of our time was our custom van tour of Maramures with the
amazing Cornelia Lupsa. She knew all the right questions to ask about us
in advance, so she could put together a memorable experience. Cornelia
was so responsive to our initial request to see the wooden churches and
towns of Maramures, and tailored a wonderful itinerary that included
many other special sights and experiences, from the Mocanita Steam Train
to a picnic streamside in the forest, just for us. She chose lovely
small hotels/b&bs, and really knew how to maximize our days at the right
pace for us. Cornelia is so knowledgeable about Maramures, and we had
great discussions about Romania, its people, and politics and culture.
It was special to visit some of her personal family places. And, we had
lots of laughs. Cornelia is a terrific organizer, careful driver,
wonderful guide, and we felt like she was a long-time friend. I echo
everything said in the other reviews on her website. She obviously loves
what she does, and her enthusiasm is genuine. Don’t miss the opportunity
to tour with and get to know Cornelia!”

Paul Miller – Kansas ,USA
June 2015

“We spent four days with Cornelia Lupsa. She is a private guide out of Baia Mara and has her own car. We toured wooden churches, painted monasteries, visited local crafts people, went to the communist museum and did walks in the country and villages. We had a wonderful time and stayed at great guest houses in villages or in the country where we had home cooked meals from local produce.”

Peter Rooke – London, UK
June 2015

“Dear Cornelia

Thank you so much for showing me the highlights of Maramures recently. I
had a wonderful time. We only had one day to look around the region, but
you managed to pack in a lot in that time. I found the wooden churches
absolutely fascinating. I also enjoyed seeing the artisan museums you
took me to – it’s good to see that the old skills like woodworking and
hemp-weaving are still going strong. It was also interesting to see the
sights in Baia Mare and hear about its history. You have the knack of
keeping your clients interested and I found the whole day a fascinating
introduction to Maramures. I wish you well as you develop your tour
guide business and have no doubt that you will have many more satisfied
customers in future.”

Adrian Barbulescu – Australia


“We asked Cornelia to take us on a tour of Maramureș and Bucovina. We saw beautiful, old wood churches,  met locals still practicing old skills like wood carving and enjoyed pristine scenery. Cornelia was an excellent guide and we would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

First and most importantly, she is a very nice person, easy to get along with, warm, friendly and open. Secondly, she is a great guide, who takes you to some wonderful places, tells you lots of interesting things (without being overwhelming) and is very flexible in accommodating what you want. Thirdly, she is a very good and careful driver – something which is essential on these roads. It was a real pleasure to spend four days with her, and she helped us rediscover and appreciate our own country again. We will certainly be traveling with her again.”

Carolyn Thieme – Newcastle, WA, USA


My sister and I enjoyed your extremely well organized and thorough 2 day tour of the Maramures region of Romania in July 2014.  Your expertise in your home area gave this tour a personal touch.  We felt like we were insiders visiting wooden churches and museums where you were known. It was a highlight to visit a wooden church where one of your grandparents is buried and have two of your relatives tending the grave.  Your sharing of personal experiences living under Cesceau furthered our knowledge of Romania’s past. The hotel you selected was delightful and served delicious food. You are an excellent ambassador to the beautiful country of Romania.  Thank you Cornelia!Carolyn

Jeremy Blank – USA, California


Dear Cornelia,

Thank you so much for touring us around Romania and arranging our travel.  Also thank you so much for the beautiful ceramic frame… I’ve already put a picture in it!  It was a pleasure meeting Dan and getting to know him as well. You are both lovely people and I feel privileged getting to meet you.


Jeremy Blank

Monia Martini, Italy

Thanks to Cornelia we saw the best of Maramures! An easy going day fulfilled with interactions with locals and insights about the wooden culture typical of Historical Maramures! Overall, Cornelia is a very professional guide and a safe driver!

Martini family, Italy, Easter 2014

Peter and Petra Claus, Belgium

My wife and me spent two days with Cornelia. Normally we never take a guide and we organise everything ourselves but maybe we have to change our idea after this experience. Cornelia brought us to places  which probably we would never have found alone..The program was well balanced: not too less, not too much, and flexible as per our wishes.. Cornelia has a wide knowledge about Maramures Romania and also beyond that : she is a pleasant person to accompany and can speak about many subjects. And also, Cornelia and her husband Dan offered us much more service then ‘normal’ and they make sure that everything is ok with you. Thank you very much, this was really a nice experience and we really advice Maramuresguide to every one !!!!

Peter and Petra Belgium

Liora Yarkony – Even-Yehud, Israel

Our last month visit to Maramures was a great success and yourcontribution to it is much more beyond your being our guide. It is due to your personality, your kindness, and goodwill. My mother was sure that visiting her village of birth (Poienile de Sub Munte) will be very short. She said that half an hour will be enough. We spent there half a day and we could stay more. This was due to your wonderful way to speak with the people and make them open their hearts and doors, allowing us find and even see from the inside my grandparents houses. The meetings with the Mayor and the Priest and his family and with the villagers were so special and all could not happen without you. I want to thank you for your excellence driving, especially when we drove in the wood in the storm. I know it was not easy, but you did it perfectly. The meetings with Livi in Sighet and Sapanta are unforgettable, so is the four leaves clover you have found. Once again, we want to thank you for taking care of us. We love you and hope we shall be able to come again.

Grety and Lili.

Veronika Holzer – Vienna, Austria

Ernst Lung – Vienna, Austria
Miriam Weiss – Bolzano, Italy


“Dear Cornelia, Dear Dan,

Thank you again for the excellent guiding trough Maramures. I can everybody who travels to Romania recommend your tours, especially to hidden cultural heritages including craft workshops.”

Michael Kohn – San Francisco, USA
Sartika Thatcher
London, UK


Thank you Dan and Cornelia Lupsa from for showing us so many of the great treasures to be found in your region, can’t wait to come back!

Richard and Linda Moss, NewCastle, UK


“My wife and I spent 2 days touring Maramures with Cornelia and had a great time, seeing places we would probably have struggled to find on our own.”

Leo und Karin Modl, München, Germany


“We had a wonderfull offroadtrip with Cornelia in the Maramuresch. We was traveling with 3 cars from Germany to Baia Mare to meet our guide. Everything was just perfect. Beeing a tourist it is very nice when someone can tell a lot about the country and the Maramuresch. Things which we would have never seen or heard if we would have been on our own. Whether it was a nice trip through the spectacular landscape, a museum or original Rumanian restaurant, Cornelia had allways the best ideas to make the trip uforgettable. One thing is sure: we will come back to Cornelia and the Maramuresch because there is a lot to see. Thank you Cornelia ( and husband Dan )!”

Trevor & Jill Parry, Sydney, Australia


“We very much enjoyed our 2-3 day tour of Maramures with Cornelia in June 2012 .We covered a lot of ground and thanks to Cornelia were able to find easily find places it would have been difficult and time consuming on our own .Also it was great to meet local people as Cornelia could act as our interpretor . We are pleased to recommend Cornelia as a guide to Maramures”

Gary Blank & Carole Cooper, Santa Rosa, California, USA


“We surely enjoyed the wonderful ex.periences we shared with you and
Dan they continue to be v ery memorable and we hope to continue our
relationship on line and perhaps we can reciprocate to you in the
future if you should come to the U.S.
We remain fondly appreciative of our time spent with you in Romania,
Slovakia and Poland.
Hugs and Kisses,

… Now we are friends for life.

Gary and Carole”

Tiberio & Roman Yosif, Santiago de Chile, Chile


“We remember our adventure with you with love. For us, you where friends, not guides.
We remember with emotion the journey in my parents towns.
A great hug to both and all our love.

Tiberio (Tito) and Roman Yosif “