The talents and skills of people in Maramures are most visible in traditional creative works.

The main occupations are: agriculture, animal husbandry, lumberjacking, harvesting in nature, mining. The most important centers of mining were Baia Mare, Baia Sprie, Cavnic, Borsa.

Over the centuries several crafts were developed to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants of Maramures. These are: wood carving, spinning and weaving, pottery, blacksmith, etc. In urban areas, such as Baia Mare, craftsmen were organized in guilds, which had an active role in shaping the community.

But the most important craft, which is still practiced today is wood carving. From the hands and tools of Maramures carvers true pieces of art can arise.

The symbols of Maramures are wooden gates and wooden churches. In Maramures there are more than 100 wooden churches and 8 of them are included in the UNESCO Heritage List.